Another Dream

Yes, you have to endure another dream, I might eventually open a different account so people dont have to read them if they dont want.

I dreamt I had my parent’s fish tank (they had given me all the fish they have plus the 50 gallon tank, which btw they are trading me for, me and the wife have a old camcorder we don’t use). So here I had this huge tank. There were a lot more fish though, then what my parents have in real life (my parents currently have 3 huge goldfish (over a foot long each), a Picastumus and a catfish. It had these weird underwater tentacle things, sorta like sea anemones.

I added a small fish to the tank then all of a sudden these two fish/vegetation creatures went berserk and started killing the other fish in the tank (there were a lot of different little fish, with some of the types featured in Little Nemo, such as the types of fish Dorrie and the scarred fish). Realizing the fish were  being attacked I mentioned it to my dad (who just happened to be standing with me) and he just reached in, grabbed the first “vegetation creature” and tossed it out of the tank where it died quickly (that one kinda looked like it was a bramble bush).

He then reached in and grabbed the tentacled one (the bramble one was white, the tentacled one was purple, or at least what my color vision says is purple at least), as he grabbed it tried to grab him back with the tentacles. He threw it out of the tank, when it landed on the tiled floor (but it was in my old texas st. apt which is all carpet) it skittered and ran off (I think it eventually died in the other room). Just as I was waking up my father turned to me and said he didn’t know what kind of fish those were, they just “came with the tank”.

Wierd dream huh?

Other then that, today I have to study more calculus and go see my parents and then study more calculus then play in a CS match and then study even more calculus. Even with all this study, doesnt mean it will help me with Prof Naylor’s test.

thats it for the morning.

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