Dream III

Ok, I am tired of the whole waiting for my grades. I had another nightmare, though as I sit here awake at 530am now its not so bad.

I dreamt I was in a car (driving it) and on a freeway. I was with several faceless people (not actually faceless, I just never saw who they were). I noticed up ahead everything crawled to a stop due to a semi that jackknifed across two of the three lanes of traffic. There was a free third lane that occasionally people in my lane would use to get around it.

Well as I sat there I noticed the front of my vehicle was equipped with the cop crash plates in the front, you know the big spring like things that are in front of cop cars so they can ram into you (I want to call it a ram  plate, but thats Car Wars thought pattern). Well I then looked up when I noticed in front of me (there was nothing in front of me the moment before) a cop car with a fat ass old cop in the front seat.

Now I was inching along at less then 1 mile an hour, it was that inching that happens when people are supposed to stop but get impatient. At this point I realize something strange, the cop car is facing me, not the back end, but the front end, hence why I could see the old fat cop so well. Then the bumper of my car barely touches his car (so softly in fact I could have probably touched a toddler with the front end of my car and not even moved the toddler). However I see that as I touch his car, his car bounces back as if hit at 50 miles an hour (no damage to the car, it just shoots straight back) and it rolls into the other lane. I think to myself, holy shit I just ran into a cop car.

As I calm myself down, I look up and for some reason another semi is traveling in the opposite direction down that one clear lane on my side of the road, it nails the police car at about 100 miles an hour and the cop car gets pushed out of site behind me. This is where my freak out comes on. All I can think is I just killed a cop, so I pull around and go back to where the crash ended up.

When I get there, the cop car has ended up somehow in the back of the semi trailer. Cops are here now (dont know how it happened in like 2 seconds, but its a dream) and all of us where in the back of the truck. Wierdly enough the car is in pretty good shape, but the drivers seat and back seat behind the driver are gone as if he was hit so hard it blew the seat out of the car. We searched around the inside of the trailer, when the truck driver opens this trapdoor below near the car in the truck in order to see if the cop’s body is in the wheel assembly/axle.

Well, he isn’t there, then a thought dawns on me, the impact could have easily pushed the  seat into the trunk through the back seat, as we went to look to see if the cop’s body was I woke up not happy.

Now that I have had time to write it out, I feel much better and exhausted, I dont think I am going back to bed due to the fact that my aunt will be up in a few hours and I was going to get up in an hour any ways. 

Damn I hate worrying about school.

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