Dream Again

Ok, I had this dream last night, I am having a hard time remembering exactly but here is the basics.

For some reason, I was hired, along with Sean’s dad to go to Libya to work on the construction of a building (specifically the very top ornamental design). Now Libya was not like Libya of now, rather it was an awful lot like Saudi Arabia :). Me and Jan went over there with our whole families, plus there were other families from other countries helping out.

While we were over there, we had animals that would talk to us and explain things (it was more in depth, but as I sit here the exactness is slipping away). The German family had a toddler that I hung out with a lot (reminded me of a blonde hair, blue eyed version of my nephew Noah). Eventually I asked why are we over there and thats when Jan explained that we were each getting 100,000 dollars to help with the ornament (I think Jan was the overall designer, and I was more like an apprentice).

Eventually a animal was given to me that tried to eat everyone else but me, (it was pretty damn cool animal). At the time we couldn’t identify exactly what the animal is, but awake I recognize it as the same coloring, size and shape as my parent’s black guinea pig.

Now as I sit here, its slowly fading away, the only other thing I remember is hating walking along the scaffolding on top this huge building.

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