Last Dream of the Year

I woke up a few minutes ago from a bad dream. This was a more conventional bad dream then my usual anxiety dreams I have had the past few weeks. It wasn’t a fear of aging, death, religious crises, etc. It just seemed to be the beginning of a normal “horror movie” type bad dream.

It started with me and Wifey entering a contest to stay over the weekend at a haunted house. The wierd part is that the location was at a local Old Bon Marche building downtown. The inside of the Bon Marche had evidently fell into disuse, but whoever was running this contest was repairing parts of it on the inside (it was a lot of repair platforms, etc). The weird part is in the middle of the old bon marche building it opened up into an outdoor university campus (very similar to western with the red brick, however much much older and close together). The people running the contest got very weird, they said we would be locked in for 48 hours, and that one of the two weekend nights we could not go to bed or sleep. At no point could we use any electronics, nor could we use any of the lighting or heating (we would have to burn wood or something like that).

It was weird, the entire place felt wrong. Something in me knew this was an extremely bad idea (I kept feeling like “something” – not someone- was watching). A few minutes before preparation was over I turned and told that this was a bad idea. She told me to be quiet and shew as going to do it anyways (for some reason when she said it, it reminded me of the story wrote entitled “Paul’s Story”).

At this moment some asshole came over and insulted my wife, it was a bad enough insult I persued him half a block down (there were literally dozens of people packed around waiting for the “weekend contest” to begin, the contest said if we survived a weekend here, we would win something, sorta like a radio contest that sometimes happens). As I  persued him it seemed to me we were walking down the road that runs next to Western (High Street, just as it reaches the gates to Western itself). I turned and looked back at the crowd in front of the Bon Marche Building and turned back to the guy that insulted me. The guy was no longer a guy, now he/she was a tall red head that as I walked up to was hit by a small foreign car, she fell over and her neck was at a bad angle when she hit the sidewalk (she was in the street when she got hit). Now the whole time I had a bad feeling this wasn’t a “normal” incident happening to begin with. I turned back, yelled that she got hit by a car and ran over to see if she was ok.

No one moved, no one seemed to care and I realized that somehow the “Haunted College/Bon Marche” had set up this person to die, I knew that a weekend of terror and blasphemy awaited in the Bon Marche and I tried to convince to not go, she still insisted.

I then woke up to having my hand (in real life) wrapped up in a bunch of powercords that lay next to my side of the bed (our bed is only 4-5 inches off the ground at most). woke up, told me to go to bed, but I got up because I have to be up at 6am anyways.

Wierdly enough, I was happier to have a normal “bad dream” then one of the horrible anxiety dreams I had for weeks.

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