Bad Dream and a little stress

Well I woke up this morning to a not so good dream. 

I was driving down Meridian; out by WalMart when over one of the little rises in the road I noticed that there was a huge lineup of cars. The unfortunate fact was the speed limit right there just past WalMart is 50mph. So needless to say I careened into the back of a car. The person following behind me then smashed into me and then I woke up when the vehicle behind him (a semi-truck loaded down with one of those giant Milk Containers that drive up to Lynden on that road) smashed through the car behind me and into me.

I woke up, heart beating fast when I realized for some weird reason that my little brother’s girlfriend was almost young enough to be my daughter (15 years younger then me). That then weirded me out.

I am now up, with Orph sitting beside me on the computer desk. I now need to start commenting out my ADA program (I forgot to do that yesterday). Then we got to go to Calculus and then tonight I go to Aikido. I am just worried that I don’t have time for Aikido.

Yesterday I went by the Student Office and they arranged to do a “Credit” check, which means it will tell me exactly what classes I am missing from my GURs that I need to graduate. I then went to Financial Aid to find out what I need to do when I exceed my credits. The lady was nice, and she did give me a rundown of the procedure. However I don’t think she is good at math.

She told me that once you reach 225 credits is when they cut you off of Financial Aid. I am at 140 credits and she believes that by Summer 2004 I will have reached 225 credits. Well Summer of 2004 is only two quarters away, even if I got 15 credits spring and summer that’s only 30 total (raising me to 185 credits, counting this quarter as well). That’s still 40 credits short. I think she meant summer of 2005, which means I got 4 more quarters without having to freak out. Problem is I have almost double that before I am done. I am finally done with the majority of my GUR’s (hence why I am getting a Credit check/evaluation). That means I am down to the meat and bones of 96 credits worth of CS/Math/Science and a few extra science that they slap in there.

Damn I hate W.C.C. (the community college I went to) they had me on their “fast-track” program which in the end wasn’t worth that much and I lost almost 43 credits worth of classes, actually lost is a misnomer, they count them towards my financial aid, but only count them as electives.

I still got so far left to go; I keep thinking there has to be a better way to do this. But I figure worst case scenario if they do cut my financial aid I will just go to work, and go to school 6 credits a quarter (I can usually swing $600 a quarter if I am working, that’s only $200 a month).

Well the cat is getting into something; I will be posting a little bit later.

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