A Bizarre Dream

I woke up this morning at 330am from a dream; I figured I would spout it out here:

I was living in a small community. I know we had radio and politics, and I believe even TV but for all intents and purposes it appeared that the community lived in very poor conditions (something out of the old west, slate board houses with gaps, no insulation, etc). It was a small community of several families.

It started out with the children playing in the woods, the children acted like all other children. Running around in the woods, yelling, screaming, and wrestling when one of the kids found something. Several adults went to investigate and there was some sort of commotion. One of the children acted strangely and seemed to have strength above and beyond what a normal human had (I am sure this is influenced by my watching Smallville last night). The community freaked out and most families locked themselves in their own houses for the night.

The next morning our community awoke to the sounds of screaming. I ran to investigate and found a family butchered inside their house. It was a gruesome and horrible scene and this made the community freak out and hide, each family by themselves in their house. The murder was horrible enough that no one (not even me) believed a normal person could have done this. I tried to talk the town into finding the person but everyone was too scared. After talking to many people (and there was a lot more detail but I didn’t bother to get up till an hour after waking up so details were lost) it seemed I was the only person willing to go look for the person responsible.

The fortunate thing is most of the town (including me) had a very good idea who did it. A crazy man that lived deeper in the woods then anyone else. I found a sturdy chunk of branch that would work well as a club in case I needed it and I went out searching for this man. After several hours of talking to families scattered in the woods I came across the man, unfortunately everyone else in the community was too chicken.

He was standing in a shallow part of the river (actually this looked very similar to the “Gorge” in Whatcom Falls Park, not exactly but close enough I am sure that’s where I got the image from). I approached the man and he ran. I knew it was him so I gave chase, he jumped down into this pit in the river (the river kind of emptied into something underground), and I half followed him when I realized he was probably trying to get behind me. So I turned around and waited.

Sure enough a few minutes later the man appeared out of the water behind me (evidently there was some sort of underwater passage). I laid into him with the branch and I believe I was winning, but I awoke with a start when I realized he was wearing the skin of small children. I guess that was too much and I woke up.

The funny thing is that even though in the dream it felt like a real world experience, everyone acted like most people acted when I was at Legacies. Now looking at it, it had the same feel of cowardice from the people and the inability for most people to get balls and stand up to something.

Yet I realized something even more profound, people act like that in real life. I see it all the time, 99% of the people do not stand up and fight for what they believe in, and they just skulk in their little houses and bitch. In the past I have been in weird circumstances and even though I may have endangered myself I couldn’t understand why others would just sit back.

Is the world really filled with that many pansies and cowards?

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