Dream: Whatcha talking about Willis?

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I woke up this morning with a weird dream. I dreamt I was a cast member of the 70’s show. I dreamt we did our last show together, everyone was crying and sad to move on. After much talking with Hyde and Ashton Kutcher we decided we wouldn’t lose contact.

Then all of a sudden Gary Coleman popped in and said hi.

I think that last part was I found out yesterday was Conrad Bain’s 81st birthday (Different Strokes Dad).

I also found out if I go to bed at 10pm I wake up at 430 am. I need to go to bed later, my normal sleep is 6 hours and when I go to bed with the wife. I end up awake at earliest time of the day.

I also found we may not have aikido today (this isn’t my fault this time). I think there is a conspiracy, yes I do.

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