I had a rather strange dream last night. I dreamt I went to see a movie by myself. I paid the teller for the movie with a$10.00 bill and the teller only gave me a ticket back (the movie cost $7.00). When I got out of the movie, the wife met up with me and I decided to go see another movie. I went up to this pretty asian girl and asked if I could get a ticket for a different movie. She asked which movie and I told her to pick one for me. I then explained that I didn’t get all my change back and instead could I just get the second ticket. After looking through her til she said sure.

While waiting for the movie me and the wife went into the bathroom (she was waiting for me) and while I was peeing this drunk hick looking guy came walking in. He was mumbling to himself and holding a ratty piece of paper. He looked up and me and proclaimed my name loudly and asked me how I had been. I smiled at him and told him fine, I thought I recognized him from middle school. If my memory serves me correct he was supposed to be the grown up version of a friend named Corey McCarter.

I  asked him how he was doing, he replied life sucked. I asked about his kids (for some reason I thought he had kids right out of high school). He replied that none of them were his (this is all still in the bathroom). I told him I was sorry and he started waving around the piece of paper saying its one of my songs/poems I wrote back then.

Everything kinda blurred out and I am not sure what happened except that W was asking about the song/poem. I looked down (I was now holding the piece of paper) it looked like some sort of creative writing homework. It wasn’t very good and I didn’t know why he liked it so much and was singing/quoting it drunkenly.

I then woke up wondering how my old Friends Corey McCarter, Robert White (my closest male friend growing up) and Veronica Welch (my best friend/tomboy/first crush) were doing. I haven’t seen Corey or Robert since I was 14 and I got in trouble for playing D&D with them (then we moved to Lake Stevens and then Cali then up here). Veronica (whom I had always called Ronnie) I did see once when I was in Everett at age 16-17. She grew up from being a skinny tomboy to being a damn attractive girl.

I wonder how they are all doing.

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