Dreams with Josh

I just woke up from a dream and had problems going back to sleep.

I dreamt I was in a house with my nephew Joshua. He was probably about 4 years old (he is now 5 or so). He was dressed in pajama’s that had the little feet and was that light blue textured kinda thing. I dreamt we were playing “soldier”, the kind when your a kid and your trying to hide from adults. Except it wasn’t really pretend. We were in a house that we couldn’t really leave, there were soldiers outside and I was trying to get him to not turn lights on or make a lot of noise. Even though I was an adult I kept feeling inside like I was a teenager again. 

I dreamt we were still waiting for my parents and for Josh’s parents (my sister and brother-in-law) and I spent the whole time trying to keep him quiet. It was more then just being quiet for no reason. I somehow knew that this wasn’t “pretend” I was terrified something would happen to Josh if they found us. Eventually  morning came, Josh kept throwing tantrums and I kept trying to keep him quiet.

Eventually I woke up worried, then other anxieties hit me. Although I understand why, today is a final, but it should be easy and I shouldn’t worry about it.

stupid ass dream.


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