Dream: Dad in a home

I woke up this morning from a very disturbing dream.

I dreamt my parents had gotten another fish tank. It was a weird design (I think 40 gallon) and it had lots of little fish. My dad then told me he was moving into some sort of home (not a old folks home, but it was some sort of group home, I think he was trying to fix his head). My mom was there at first and then for the rest of the dream she was gone.

He picked this home because of two reasons. One it wasn’t the Silver Beach group home (mental handicap/health home not far from my house) because they wouldn’t take the fish tank with him. Two, because they had better doctors at the second home. I didn’t think any more about it, except my dad showed me some pictures of explosions (nuclear) and of major birth defects (a picture of this baby with one eye that was a tiny tendril instead of an actual eye). I found that last picture very disturbing.

Then at some point we (I think my friends and wife were there) went to a “show” that was a public display of military weapons, I believe it was a vehicle showing the bad things about war, except no one saw the bad parts except me, everyone else just cheered on (probably thinking about Bush/Iraq). I sat for awhile watching different vehicles/weapons when I noticed this huge metal/fiberglass building with huge airlock type doors. I noticed doctors around it and people from this building taking pictures of the vehicles.

It seriously was a huge building (many times the size of my mobile home, many). I then realized that some of the doctors from the building had  pictures (the same  pictures my father had shown me, especially the one with the baby) the idle thought that maybe this was the place my dad was moving into came to me. When I realized something important. The building had wheels. I caught one of the people from the building and all they could say was it was their building and that it was one of the most advanced there was. I mentioned it was cooler looking as a vehicle then any other of the military stuff there. It then dawned on me that it was a super secret military mobile building/vehicle. 

All of a sudden I got worried this is where my dad (and mom?) went to live (the whole thought of government experiments, etc came to my mind. I then woke up worried about where my parents would live.

Totally bizzare.

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