Dream: Zombie Coffee Shop

I just awoke from a dream a little while ago. I had to move around, take a shower and think about it. Even though a lot of the dream has dissipated I was just going to write out what I now remember here.

I had died, not sure how, not sure how old I was, etc. I do remember walking to a coffee shop and sitting at a table with a old school AD&D sourcebook (I think it was the Drow handbook, but not sure). I was waiting for someone. I would see some living people walking by, they didn’t seem to notice me. I felt proud that they couldn’t tell I was dead yet. For some reason I kept thinking of 1989, the year I graduated high school.

I kept waiting for someone I grew up with (Doug, Jay, Ted, Wifey, Joe, etc). Occasionally dead people would walk in, a lot of them in a lot worse shape then me. I was still proud that I wasn’t being impeded with pieces of me falling off. Everyone sat in this coffee shop. The living did seem to notice the worst off (rotted, damaged, etc) as being dead and slightly avoided them, but still not me.

After a long bit of waiting more I could feel it was affecting me, it didnt really scare me too much for some reason, it just annoyed the hell out of me. I still had that AD&D manual/sourcebook and I was still waiting. It didn’t hurt as if I could feel the pain of rotting, it was just more of an annoyance that made me work harder to do what I wanted to do.

After some more time, some of the living members in the coffee shop exclaimed “Look at that poor one”, I looked up and outside the window was another zombie holding a kitten (not sure if it was a dead kitten or not). That was the person I was waiting for, so I got up, and walked over to let them in, I was very happy to see them (maybe it was the wife, it felt like something/somebody I was eagerly awaiting for.

Thats when I woke up.

Now, it doesnt seem big, but I felt worried when I woke up, alot of my older anxieties were working on me when I woke up (alone, aging, death, etc) but for some reason during the dream itself it didnt present itself as a bad thing.

I am sure the date and coffee shop are related to the high school kids I saw at Denny’s last night. I also think the dream might heavily have to do with my coffee I was drinking then at 10:30 at night. I think I need to change that.

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