Well after much thought, I decided I am probably going to be switching majors. Since I am going back to WWU I wont be able to get a nursing degree anyways (and it looks like there is no financial aid in that direction for LPN anyways). So, that means I need to look at my WWU options.

I had been going to school for a Computer Science major, however with all the outsourcing, and just the plain fact I dont like generic “coding” I had to rethink my options. I do however very much enjoy working with databases and websites and after talking to Professor Sandvig I think I may go with a Business Adminstration degree with a focus in Management Information Systems. It seems more reliable as far as work goes, plus its more what I am interested in.

Now, normally switching majors in your “senior” year is going to cause problems, however the CS program is so huge at WWU in credits that by me switching I actually wont be taking any longer then I would have staying with CS. My only fear is running out of financial aid before the end.

However I can combat that by working part time to pay for our bills, that way any financial aid we get can go towards either fixing our home or towards savings in case we ever run out of money. Also will be eligible for bigger loans soon, that means worst case scenario just have her take loans out to pay for my part of the schooling.

Either way it will be ok, we are also talking about the possibility of staying at WWU and getting masters (me in business and her in Psychology) that way if we ever wanted to we can just go teach at a community college. Even if I dont get my masters I may decide to get a “teaching certificate” that way I can maybe become a teacher, they have great schedules, contrary to what they say they get paid decent and its a good backup plan if the business world and me dont get along.

that is all for now.

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