Anxiety Dream

Well I awoke this morning with an anxiety dream. I dreamt I was working in a new Doctors office, I realize my dad has an appointment so I go into his room to  talk with him. I notice the nurse/ma filling out paperwork with the wrong name and info.

I tell the nurse/ma that the info is all wrong, this is my dad. My dad then gets pissed because he had evidently given the wrong info on purpose to get $5,000 worth of drugs or procedures (I didnt really get told what it was for in the dream, thats just my assumption, all they said was “Its worth $5,000” and he cant get it just being him. I woke up anxious and upset with my dad for lying.

This is why I dont need kids, I have two parents that barely can keep things going and I spend my time worrying about them or what they might do.

Actually I think the anxiety is from the weather (tonight it went from snow to stormy rain), plus I ate canned pears right before I went to bed and I am worried about money. Also could be I had no caffiene (tea/coffee/pop/etc) after 11am. I need to make sure I do small amounts later in the afternoon just so I dont start having sleep issues/withdrawal.

Now, on a good note, the last three nights before last night I slept 8 hours at a time on my own (to at least anywhere from 7am to 8:30am in the morning), that has been nice and I am extremely happy with it. I might even be able to go back to sleep now, except I want to fill out the application for the library page and a couple other apps.

On good note me and have both been accepted back to WWU and we are both eligible for finanical aid (although haven’t gotten the award letters yet). So by the end of March I will be back to being a student. WOOOT. 

My clan is doing well we are 3-1, best record ever between CAL (1-1) and OGL (2-0), I have gotten enough help with the server to keep it going another month (YAY) and things are going awesomely well between me and , whom I love very much.

That is all for now, maybe I will go back and nap.

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