Another Dream

Well I had dreams that woke me up at 5am again.

It started out with me and the wife running around a half built skyscraper, I dont remember much of this part except we were together (married) like we are now, but it felt more like when the two of us hung out when we were 17. We had just pocketed a couple of beers each from some people and were making our way home.

It was Halloween, and on our way home that night we stopped at this display set out in a park. Wifey decided we should take some of the candles that were lit sitting there, so like teenagers we did it and ran off. We headed up to my parents house (it looked very similar to our “Lombard” street house in Everett, even though I had never known W in Everett). I walked in and found my parents drinking beer (right now they are sober, but growing up they had alcohol problems). In my dream I punched and kicked the walls in anger and then promptly woke right up.

When I woke up I was so upset I sat up, just shaking because I was upset. W woke up and was very comforting, made me lay back down and she held me til I drifted off again about 20 minutes later. Of course I had dreams after that about corpses until I got up at 6:30, but they didnt bother me nearly as much as dreams about my parents on a drunk binge when I was a teenager.

I guess I need to work through some of my teenaged angst (at 33 I guess I am a little late in dealing with issues like these).

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