Tale of the World Turning

Yesterday went well, the game was a little stuttery, a bit stunted but went very well (we had a month off, that always throws the timing off). During game yesterday we had the hot water tank  have issues, that was fun I have to tell you. Looks like we might be spending upwards of $700-800 to replace it.

I called Blythe Plumbing this morning, the only good thing is they will open up an “account” for us if we have a credit card. The advantage of having an account is we can have the plumber come over, fix the water heater and then they will mail us a bill that wont be due for 3-4 weeks as opposed to having to come up with the money all at once.

This is good because we are pretty tight on money, we get our student loans a week from tommorrow so then I can pay it off easily. We also decided to move our living room into our current “game room” and move the game room into the living room. We will have a ton of space now for gaming.

Tonight we have to meet the female halves of two couples who are interested in playing in the Space Game. As always I am a litte nervous meeting new people but this will be great. The game will be a bit bigger then I am comfortable with, but this will make people missing games less of a problem, plus honestly when new people meet our group we always have people who decide they aren’t happy and don’t want to play (or people currently playing that take the opportunity to pull away). 

I just hope the new people are ok with my gaming style, yes there is lots of RP, but also I believe combat does provide a staple of gaming (its like having an action/horror movie, you can have lots of plot, but explosions and gunfire are needed on occaision as well), plus I am always worried that new players don’t like “realistic” style.

My style of gaming consists of this, you pull a gun out there is a chance you will die (there is also a chance if you dont you will still die, but thats a bit rarer). I believe in consequences for in game actions and even though sometimes deaths happen that are my fault, it generally falls within the “there was a better way or the dice just hate you” modes.

I guess between the styles mine is more of a modern approach, you have the old school cowboy movie approach where the good guys (aka the players) can be endangered but will never die or the modern day “Band of Brothers” approach where sometimes even when they do everything right they might die and if they really mess up its pretty guaranteed. I pretty much follow the Band of Brothers approach, this is because as a player I prefer a game that I can possibly die in, whats the point in playing a game you are not in any danger, then the success means alot more if you survive. 

Hell I would love to either run or play in a “survival horror” genre game, even if it means most likely I will lose my character in a couple of sessions. Hey, I will probably run a one or two shot game coming up, maybe I will make it a “survival horror” game.

yes, that sounds interesting.

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