Nasty Dream

Ok, last night I woke up at 2:30 with a terrible dream, terrible enough I had goosebumps and couldnt talk, but when I awoke this morning I don’t remember it.

However I do remember a nasty dream I had as well, this dream is very much TMI, but I need to post it, because I promised myself to start recording all my dreams.

Ok, the dream involved me, Wifey, a girl named Karma and a girl named Muff (Denise). Now this took place current age/date (except I was in a bit better shape and Wifey was her current age but stick thin like back in the gutter punk days, (Karma was also pretty thin, something she wasn’t when I knew her.

To give you a little background all four of us knew each other when we were 16-19, it was almost the same social group (actually more like two social groups that would bump into each other). Karma had offered me sex twice straight up when I was 17, I turned her down both times because she was going out with my best friend (even though he had said it was ok, it wasn’t ok). Muff was a girl I liked but she had too many boyfriends/fucktoys for me to ever really pursue her (although I could have if I wanted). 

On a side note Wifey also went out with my best friend Doug (same guy that was dating Karma earlier), never did approach her then either even though I was really attracted to her even at age 17, but ended up happily married to her, so that’s all good.

Now, the four of us were sitting in a living room like area, just kind of talking and stuff when Wifey looks up and says she wants to give me a blow job (this is not necessarily out of the ordinary, there have been parties or groups we have played publicly in). I looked at her and said “Right here?” she said yes and patted a large sofa like thing. I looked over at Karma and Muff, kind of shrugged and said sure (this is not necessarily out of the ordinary of what has been done in the past in front of friends).

The unusual part was I had a unforeseen issue, a premature firing before she got my pants off all the way (this is extremely out of the ordinary, never ever had this problem, in actuality, I have had the reverse problem where no matter what I couldn’t finish) it caught me off guard but Wifey just joked a bit and it was no big deal.

We are still not at the TMI yet, be warned its coming and you really should avert your eyes from this.

The other two girls were joking around, I got the impression we all had an open friendship (done it in the past, and it usually works well in the beginning until someone outside of me and Wifey gets jealous that we put each other first.

This proceeded fine, when Wifey, Karma, and Muff went into a different room, no biggie and I watched a bit of tv.

A few minutes later I hear the girls yelling for me to come in. So I walk in and Muff, Karma, and a boy I don’t recognize are in the bathtub, no biggie, Wifey is on the side of the tub kind of sitting there (for some reason at this moment I realize she has super blonde hair, love that color on Wifey). I notice though as they motion for me to join them that Muff is taking a big ol’ shit in the bathtub while Karma is trying not to ralph as she eats it (yes gross), meanwhile muff is sucking up some of the scat into her snatch, definately gross.

For some reason at this point I got the image this was specifically being done for purity points, its nasty and one of the few things that I won’t do (done a lot, scat is not really one of my things).

I then look over at Wifey who smiles at me broadly, is obviously done trying to participate but I notice she has a small clump of scat on her chin.

That totally grossed me out and woke me up.

It was a bit funny, I know that scat is something Wifey loathes and wouldn’t do, it struck me as almost funny now that she was even involved. But Karma almost ralphing as she tries and eats Muff’s scat was what really grossed me out, it was that brownish-yellowish kind that was a bit creamy in texture (especially in a half-full bathtub).

Sorry, had to share this with the world. 

It was fucked up, TMI and you probably now wish you hadn’t read that dream I bet.

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