Dreams 7-12-2005

I had a horrible nights sleep last night. I think this is partially a bit of worry about my dad, he has to take care of some health things and until I hear the results worries me a bit.

The dream started with me and two other people in a car. We were someplace lonely at night and I noticed two other cars parked by us. One was right beside us with a couple in it and the other was a single guy in a car on the other side of where I sat.

I kept trying to tell the driver of our car we needed to leave, that something bad was going to happen and we needed to leave immediately. Thats when the single guy in the car beside us started mouthing off to us and then he brandished a knife. I kept telling the person driving our vehicle to leave.

All of a sudden the guy mouthing off pulled out a portable power saw that was attached to some sort of arm brace and he turned it on threatening us. I am not sure why but all of a sudden I got out of the car, took the saw-glove out of his hand, put it on mine and then slowly cut his head off. I then turned around to the second car with the couple and drew the saw across the woman’s belly and then plunged it into the guy (taking my time with both)

I woke up sweating and a bit confused.

That was a fucked up dream.

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