Dreams 6-15-2006

Last night was the night of weird dreams. I only really remember one.

A very large group of us went to an old abandoned movie theater, they were doing a one shot “slasher” flick. Pretty much everyone I know was there, including my little brother, but no Wife. 
We sat down in this musty, mildewy theater to watch a very traditional like slasher. There were four or five girls there who acted as Theater helpers, bringing food and stuff. One of the girls was incredibly fat, but as the movie ended I realized she had a bubble of slime on her side (as if her skin was putrefying), she wasn’t dead or anything, she said it was an infection.
For some reason I still had a pair of green Nitrile gloves from work (they  are some fancy new rubber gloves I get to wear at work that protect from the epoxys/chemicals, they look exactly like disposable gloves, except green). When the movie was over the phone rang. The theater room was just like any theater you sit in, except at the top area (where you walk in) is a concession stand right there, with a couple of couches, sort of like a one room theater instead of a foyer, then a room).
I answered the phone and the person on the other end told me we had won a trip to the next filming of the next slasher movie. We were given a choice of three locations (they were making three movies), one was on an island, another up in the woods and he only mumbled the third. The whole group (including everyone in my BT game except wifey) and the additional people were clamoring for the island. Something was bothering me though and I didn’t like the situation.
For some reason I decided to leave separate from everyone else. I went out the back door while everyone else went out the front door (looked like we were on Samish Way). They wandered down the street talking. I stopped just under the eaves of the theater roof and looked back. For some reason I went back inside and heard the fat chick talking on her cell phone that “it was successful”. She was really starting to ooze. At this exact moment I was thirsty and for some reason looked in the fridge at the concession stand to see if they had any cans of coke or pepsi. Inside I saw three shelves of “cakes”. They looked exactly like skinny/tiny cheerleaders, three to a baking sheet with no arms/legs (they weren’t full size people, it looked like a normal size full baking sheet with miniature people). The fat chick smiled and told me they were cakes. Something in me said they weren’t and I smiled at her and backed away.
I stepped back out the door and I noticed it was raining. I looked at my gloved hands and noticed there was slime running off of them. For some reason I was extremely worried about that slime and put it under the runoff from the roof to clean off the gloves. I double checked the rest of my body to make sure the slime never touched my body.
I then stepped around the corner of the theater and towards the road. It was a small road that intersected with Samish way. There were three cars at the stop sign (third one was just coming down the hill to the stop, the other two were already stopped). The first car had a young japanese male driving with a dust face mask covering his nose and mouth. He drove out into Samish, as he pulled out a Semi hit him coming down Samish, rolling over the middle of his car and crushing it beneath its weight.
The second car disappeared from view as I watched the third car come to a stop. It was an old man driving, for some reason there was no front windshield. He was watching me as he stopped. The car slowly (as in slow motion) stopped, and flipped over its front end, much like a bicycle does when someone hits the front brake. The entire time he was watching me as the top of the car hit the ground and slowly crushed him, gore flying everywhere.
I crossed the street, ignoring what was happening. For some reason I knew if I stopped I would be the next to die. Across the little street (parallel to Samish) was a gas station. I crossed by the pumps and just as I got past I saw what looked to be a go-cart looking thing made to resemble an SUV crash into the gas pump, the look of horror on the younger girl (probably 17) as the gas pump exploded, her skin slowly erupted into flames, as her face started to melt off. The worst part was her screaming.
Thats when I woke up.

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