Quasi Weird Dream

I dreamt I was in an accounting class (much like the ones I have taken last couple of quarters). Strange thing was, it was in the old Bellingham High School (not the redone new version). With cracked pipes, ceiling falling in, old wooden desks and drafty windows.

The girl behind me was freaking out because we were expected to know Chapter 11 from the previous quarter, but we had never covered it. I kept trying to explain it to her but she wouldn’t listen to me.

So I left class, there was some interchange with other students and I went downstairs with Sage to meet up with ‘s mom. Who turned out in the dream to not be a pasty white woman with many neurosis, rather it was a rather large black woman, who was much thinner then she used to be. She was very proud of her weight loss and soon they were going to fix her myopic eyesite (she wore huge binocular like glasses).

We got in the car and started heading down Iowa, it was snowing and she was all over the road (I have a feeling she really couldn’t see) but I still trusted her driving. We got almost all the way down Iowa, then his mom crashed the car because of an oncoming rush of people, hitting a little old lady weighing maybe 40lbs in her wheelchair.

I ran outside of the car and saw she was pretty skeletal. At this exact point a brief thought crossed my mind that she couldn’t be living (and I have a feeling at this point my dream could really have gone awry with living dead). Rather the little old lady looked up and asked me to help, that they were picking on her.

I picked the little old lady (she wasn’t quite as skeletal) and moved back in the direction of where the gaggle of old people (they turned out to all be old people). Evidently a group of young punks were picking on them (probably 15-22 years old). There were about 12 or 15 of the little punks and I waded in and kicked them out, I was also telling W to call the cops. Most scattered (I was super pissed at them, while holding the little old lady). 

One of the younger ones walked up and tried talking shit. For some reason I knew he was Marshall King’s little brother (but thinking about it, at his age he would have to be Marshall’s kid, but strangely enough he looked like Rob, an old friend Jay’s little brother). Some words were exchanged and eventually he backed down. I then began walking towards the hospital with the little old lady still in my arms, crying because they picked on her.

God I woke up pissed this morning (and way earlier then I have been waking up this week (about 7:15 or so)>

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