Night/Day/and stuff.

Woke up this morning at 5:10am. I am sad for the Wife because she was awake before then and is having problems sleeping. I awoke from two dreams last night.

The first dream was a more realistic version of Street Fighter. I was one of the “mutants” we were all rounded up and someone threatened me, so I challenged them to “Mortal Combat” (yes, wrong game, but that was the key word to engage in one on one death match). The reason I say Street Fighter when I am yelling “Mortal Combat” because someone threatened me was the fact it was an animal like person much like the character Blanka.

The second dream was in the ocean(which somehow came out of the first dream). I was looking over footage, bad film footage of strange underwater things. One example was a whale that was used as a torpedo against other ships. There were brief clips of sea monsters and other various things in the water.

Neither dream was very clear, the Street Fighter dream was very short, and the ocean dream was sort of sporadic and even though it was mostly looking over film footage, the part where I was in the ocean trying to stay above water, knowing that there were 2,000 feet of water below me and no land in site (and no boat) kind of freaked me out.

Today I will be working a full day, then coming home and probably napping til wife gets off work. I really do feel bad for her.

The news is going on how another terror plot was foiled, now your not allowed to have toothpaste, bottled water, and anything else like that on carry-on luggage. Yes, I feel even safer. Thank you Homeland Security for making us even more like a police state. This mean someone is going to try and smuggle a bomb in using a baby, they will outlaw babies?

Wait a minute, that is not a bad idea, maybe I can sell an extremist on that idea, so he will get caught and they will outlaw babies.

Yes, now my very tired and rambling mind needs to plan how we can outlaw children. Americans are gullible enough to buy it, I am sure of this.

I am tired, need more coffee so I am out for now.

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