Dream 9-12-06

Last night I had a pretty intense dream.

We were all living in New York City, we were for some reason down in a huge tunnel system. It wasn’t quite the Subway or anything, but for some reason we were all down below and we were around hockey equipment.

Something fell out of a sky, kind of like ash, but it was something different. All of a sudden people started speaking different languages (and some not human languages). It was almost like a “Tower of Babel” story. People started taking after the language they spoke and the groups that were together seemed to develop their own languages.

All of a sudden shit hit the fan. Different groups were going crazy and trying to kill, eat, maim, or do horrible things to those that were not part of their subculture. We spent a lot of time running in the tunnels. We came up once and saw a group of people trying to move across a bridge/scaffolding area that was mostly I beams. On the other side were what used to be people and animals that had mutated and they were firing weird things from their body that were acid, trying to kill the people crossing the bridge. Much like creatures from Half Life.

We ran back into the tunnels again and were attacked by a single human with four large black cats, for some reason the only way we could kill the cats (they were trying to eat us) was for me to break their necks, once that was done I had to crush them under me until they stopped moving (had to do it to the human that was with them as well). The wierd part was the cats and the human could speak with each other(actually the horrifying part was having to kill the cats, the human didn’t bother me as much).

I woke up freaked out, laid there for about an hour. I think there might have been more, but I thankfully forgot it.

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