Dreams 10-10-06

Last night I had a horrible dream about me and the wife living in a huge “futuristic” city. Things were starting to go wrong and I knew that someone was launching some sort of nuclear weapons (actually they were aliens launching something else, but it was similar in effect). 

No one would believe me and I kept trying to tell people to get out of the city. As it turned out, not only was a couple of these bombs going off in the city, but some had gone off in the ocean we were a port on, causing a huge tidal wave to be coming in.

Then the dream flipped around a little bit and we were running through ruins and across countryside trying to avoid being killed.

It really did hurt a lot when my left arm was splintered off my body (bone splinters jutting from my upper arm bone), but I kept going, for some reason didn’t bleed out.

I then woke up covered in sweat, I was going to try and go to work this morning, but no that wont work, too wobbly and hot. Sucked down some of my favorite stuff (Dayquil) and I don’t feel nearly as wobbly. No matter what I have to go to class today, our attendance is part of our grade in both my classes today and if I lose some of those points it needs to be because I am puking, not because I am sweaty, lol I can write notes if I am sweaty.

Oh, and I never did post this, last weekend I had a dream about busty naked girls who were farming my coffee bean farm. The dream didn’t get too explicit, but it was pretty damn cool.

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