Dreams 10-14-06

I had a some dreams last night. I think it was actually the same dream continued after I woke up.

The first one had me walking down railroad avenue. From Holly street towards the bus station (on the Bagelry side). I was coming down there to visit the wife. She worked at some bagelry/wild garlic like place in the Cellophane Square store (was no longer a music store, purely a large hole in the wall restaurant). The front part of the restuarant was wide open, a few tables that I walked past towards where there was a group of people. I could see as I walked towards her. I then noticed an old friend of mine named Doug was there. I walked up to him and extended my hand when all of a sudden he it me in the face (more of a slap/hit, then a real punch). I was stunned for a moment, then I picked him up and threw in through a table and started beating his face.

Thats where that dream stopped. I didn’t know why he did that, but I thought it had to do something with the Wife. I think there was a second dream right after this that did more explaining but I don’t remember now.

The next dream had us walking down Holly St. (all the way at the bottom, walking back up where video extreme is/was). and I were just chatting away when we noticed people running towards us. It was more that they were running from something, there were screams and some fell while I could hear sirens in the background. There was no gun shots, but for some reason we ended up hiding in a old store and something kept poking people, making them die. I think it was some sort of blade thing that people kept accidently touching and then dying and/or shifting because they touched. When I woke up I had a much clearer idea of what it was (and why we were hiding) but of course the important details like that have slipped out of my memory now that I have woken up enough to come out to the computer and post it. All I know is it was another “end of the world” type scenario (probably because I watched Jericho last night on DVR).

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