Dreams 11-5-06

All last night I had a single long dream that began when I fell asleep and continued til I woke up at 6:30. I don’t remember some aspects (actually a lot of it) in the last 30 minutes since I woke up. I needed to take some time before I wrote it down because the ending of the dream really kind of freaked me out.

The short of it was that everyone I know was involved. It started like Ocean’s 11 or any other big organized theft. We were all involved in stealing something important, which we successfully did. For some reason a short time later we all decided to rip off a grocery store the same way. Just before we did it I told everyone to abort and I walked away from that (something was wrong). The strange part is that by the time this part of the dream was occuring it was almost like we were playing a table top game. I mean we were doing these acts with our hands, but it would be like we would declare what we were doing and then do it.

The only difference with my real life friends and family (and almost all of you that I know in real life was involved) was the fact that W seemed different. It was her, but she wasn’t actually human, just looked it (and I was ok with that). Well by the end of the dream W, my sister and some large creature were in our bedroom from the old Alabama apartment that W. and I shared before we got married.

It started when W.and I were sitting there talking. All of a sudden she looked up at me and said she loved me and she was sorry it had to happen, and that she would see me again. All of a sudden she sat down on the floor (it was wooden, not carpeted like it was in real life) on a sheet and then all of a sudden she started bleeding from wounds all over her body, while she was bleeding out she wrapped the sheet around her (much like a burial shroud). I was stunned for a moment then I see my sister step into the room and some sort of large creature with huge claws behind her. For some reason I know this creature did this to her and I stand up saying I am going to kill it. 

My sister steps in front of me and tells me she can’t let me hurt “him”. I pull my hand out of my pocket, point it like a gun (much like as kids we would make our hands into little guns) and I distinctly say “bang, bang, bang, bang” at my sister. I then point my finger at the creature, declare loudly “bang bang bang” and then I loudly declare like I was doing a table top game that I was going to chew through its neck until its head came off. 

I then look down (I didn’t see anything happen) and the whole front of my shirt is covered in blood, blood dripping out of my mouth and chin and I see the creature headless. I then notice my sister dying, her breaths coming pretty shallow from four bullet holes in her. I was pretty distraught, I apologized to her but told her I would have done it again if she got in the way of avenging W.

I then woke up feeling pretty shitty my wife died and I had killed my sister (whom I love very very much). This last part of the dream is what really made me forget the majority of the dream before the incident. 

It was kind of fucked up.

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