Dreams 1-25-2007

I have been up since 03:20 this morning. I had a dream that me and my family were all in this house. There was some sort of horror movie on the tv, that was showing random bits of the movie instead of the whole thing. It would show scenes that were missing people or things (but when it had shown the scenes earlier in the dream they were complete). Sort of like those horror movies that things on paintings were suddenly gone, and then later were in real life (like they left the paintings).

That wasn’t the worst part.

The worst part was most of the dream me, my parents, I think both siblings and maybe the wife were all hovered around my grandmother who was lying on a bed. She was having Chain-Stokes breathing (she was dying). I was a bit worried and told everybody I would stay even though something big was happening the next day.

After forever of waiting around for my grandmother to die she all of a sudden wasn’t around. Then she was walking around (and didn’t look like my real grandmother who had died, she looked more like my aunt Ardis, only a bit heavier with died blond hair).

I woke up dreaming remembering watching my grandparents die, and even more so hubby’s grandmother who passed away (and I felt pretty close to, even if her parents thought I wasn’t).

It was just a fucked up dream I had to write down, to remove the power it has over me and making me upset.

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