Worms in my belly (dreams)

Last night I had a pretty intense dream. A large part of the dream I don’t remember, what I do remember is the last little bits. To give you a little background, for the last couple of weeks my skin on my sides and a bit around my belly button has been extremely dry and flakey. I tend to scratch at it at night (hence why I now wear “clothes of shame”, or more accurately a t-shirt and underwear to bed, so I wont scratch it) and it will leave large holes in my skin, last week they have been healing up and it is starting to look better. Now back to the dream.

Heresyoftruth, myself and several others (including a very large black man I had never met before) were busy loading boxes into a cellar for a large manufacturing company. The strange part was the opening to the cellar was in the little hallway from the kitchen into the livingroom of the apartment we used to live on Alabama street, before me and Heresyoftruth broke up when we were 19. It looks out into a large patio door.

For some reason, one of us had to stay at the opening of the door overnight. I volunteered and crawled under a blanket in the living room (a few feet from the opening). Sometime in the middle of the night my belly began to itch, so I reached down and I could feel the flakey skin. I then could feel something moving under my skin. After a few seconds it felt like one of those parasitical worms that come to the surface of skin at night to breath.

There was a struggle as I grabbed it and tried to pull it out. It was strong enough it almost pulled back in. Grunting, groaning, itching, and a few minutes later I had pulled out some sort of huge looking wormy thing, bigger then my fist from my stomach area, out from under the blanket. I then struggled with two more smaller ones and tossed them all on the ground in front of me.

The next morning my beautiful wife Heresyoftruth came back and asked me how I was feeling. I said much better, and I motioned to the dead slimy worm things. She nodded at me. I got up to show her and tossed the blanket off on me. Thats when I noticed that from my belly to my pubic bone was a huge whole in my belly (easily 6 inches across and it was deep). Red infected inner flesh was hanging there, subcutaneous slime and drips of blood were there as well.

All I remember was thinking “Wow, that doesn’t hurt, actually its kind of numb” as I realized it was deeper then a quarter. Thats about when I woke up.

I realize there are probably details I am not remembering it since I am now posting it before I go to bed, but I figure that is more then enough.


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