Sinking of an island (dreams)

Last night I had a pretty intense dream, of course I waited til morning to post so I am not sure how much I remember.

It all took place on an island. It was a large island (maybe not the size of Hawaii, but not a tiny island either), had a city on it (well it had a large town with several really tall buildings). We had driven down to the beach hubby and  and I were kind of playing on the sandy beaches (there were trees like those around here up to the water as well, but it was a lot warmer then Washington state).

I noticed the wind had changed, something about it bothered me. I looked over my shoulder and out at sea some distance were these huge roiling black clouds that went all the way down to the water. They shot up thousands of feet in the air. It wasn’t an explosion or anything, rather like some hugely nasty, end of the world, type of storm. It was blowing in our direction and it scared the holy hell out of me. There were others in our group as well and everyone thought I was just being a scaredy cat and there was no problem, after an argument I grabbed the wife and we ran for the town.

There was sort of a brief interlude, I think I had woken up for a few moments at this time, a bit freaked out by my dream. Shortly thereafter I drifted back off.

The dream pretty much picked up again. We were sitting in some sort of police station. It was a small beachfront like building (although I could see city lights off in the distance, maybe it was a beach patrol office). It was very dark outside, the storm was raging, so it must have been an hour or so in the dream since I saw the storm, and we had reached safety (although I hadn’t dreamed that part). The people inside the office wouldn’t listen to me. I kept trying to tell them something really bad was going to happen. All they could do was tell me storms were common, and it wasn’t a big deal. After much arguing I angrily stepped outside and on my left is where I saw the wave. It had to be a fifty or a hundred feet tall as it started rolling over the island.

I once again woke up, sat there in the dark breathing heavy trying to figure out it was only a dream. The wife was coughing (it had probably woke me up originally). I slipped back into sleep.

Once back in, the dream continued (however the wife  wasn’t in it at this point. I didn’t see the actual wave hit anything, I wonder once again if I had been woken up when that happened. However, it was like the island was sinking into the ocean. Rather then a wave rolling across everything, the water was rising as if the island itself was sinking. Strangely enough there was no storm at this time. It was as if the storm had just stopped, letting the sun shine while the island sank into the ocean.

I swam for the nearest thing sticking above the water. it was the top of a couple of skyscraper like buildings. I was terrified and I grabbed a hold of the very tip of the building (it had a top sort of like the empire state building). I just clung onto the weathered stone top praying the water would go away, but then worried if it went away too soon I would be stuck hanging from 30+ stories of building (strange worry in a dream, I know). I also had a brief worry about the water receding and I would have to crawl into one of the windows and try and get down the building filled with corpses that had drown in the building.

It was totally terrifying at the end. Sure it wasn’t like I was falling, and I was able to swim very well. For some reason though the ocean has always given me a fear. It’s not really that I am worried about drowning or being trapped out there. It’s the idea that the water goes hundreds of feet below me. I am pretty damn scared of heights, and it translates into traveling across the water. I am not afraid of drowning, for some reason, I am just afraid that it’s so far down in the water. I feel so insignificant about that. It’s the same reason why huge oil tankers (and other large ships) sort of send shivers down me, it just feels unreal, so tall and long, that it gives me the creeps.

Well thats where the dream ended. The wife was coughing horribly and woke me up all the way.

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