Today I got a call from the state auditor’s office. They definitely want to hire me and they have emailed me what the benefits are. They are requesting my salary requirements (and I assume we negotiate from there). I have never had to give an initial salary request. So I went to my trusty professor of tax from WWU and she is currently contacting a different state auditor to get the low down.

She was surprised there was such flexibility (I had called her, hoping she would know). She left a message for the gentleman, and she will hopefully call back tonight with some info. I do have a range (I was also hired as a ASA2, not an entry level ASA1), but I am not sure if splitting the difference and asking for halfway through that range is too much.

Another big bonus of this new job, living in Everett, its that much cheaper rent wise then Seattle, but not as expensive as Bellingham for other day to day things. It means we will have to move eventually (as long as this pans out), I do hate moving, but it is worth it for this.

In addition the state offers six health care plans. The most expensive of the plans is less then half the price for BOTH me and heresyoftruth then my current plan is for just for heresyoftruth (she costs $450 a month for just herself, the highest state plan only costs $218 FOR BOTH OF US).

If this works out, I will make less cash monthly, but my hourly wage would be higher, there would be a lot more flexibility and no busy season.

I better go, the WWU professor is calling with some more advice on this.

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