Anxious Work Dream

I just woke up from a dream that bothered me a bit, albeit it wasn’t filled with zombies and things that could eat me. I also realize my grammar is probably not the best, I am still trying to wake up and its difficult today.

It was the last day or two for my current job. We spent a lot of time taking tests and we were being sent on a job/test outside of our office at the end. It involved traveling to another city. I was talking with several people from work (and in the dream there were several people that are not in my work in reality). We were then all told to get ready. We lined up in the office and walked onto a bus, heading for the airport. As we boarded the bus something about the trip was bothering me.

The next thing I knew I was in a gravel quarry. I am not sure why or how but I was walking up and down this gravel quarry in the late evening, just before dark. I could then hear up in the sky a small plane flying (quite a distance up), and I knew it was the plane I was supposed to be on. I watched as it flew overhead, and it started smoking, pieces started flying off after a few seconds I could see it was rows of people falling out. Then the plane exploded.

I knew immediately I should find some cover as the pieces of the plane started landing. I could hear the first pieces of plane hit, then some distant screaming and grunts as people began to hit the ground. I ran under some sort of overhang and ducked hoping nothing landed on me. For some reason the bodies hitting the ground reminded me of the rain (tap tap tap tap, almost the same sound as large raindrops hitting a metal roof).

Thats when I woke up.

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