Dreams 6-28-08

Last night I had what seemed to be one long continuous dream. It started with me, hubby and many of my old gamers (as in from 18 years ago) hanging outside the old Eagles Games in Bellingham (on Cornwall).

We were sitting there, working on a new game (I think I was starting up a fantasy game) along with pandaofdoom. While we were sitting there, people kept asking me questions (not our gaming group, just random people). I then got a call from a person who I didn’t know asking me about my game and about gaming rules. The cellphone connection with them was very broken up, I had to stop periodically to either move a few feet over for better reception, or to let low flying planes fly away (that is something occasionally that happened at our old apartment, we were under the flight path for Sea-Tac airport).

While I was on the phone, a few feet down from the old Eagles, a Suburban SUV landed on the sidewalk right in front of me, a young lady came out asked some questions and then it basically took off again (VTOL style). At that point I realized there was something coming, something big and bad, almost like a large statue.

I quickly jumped into the street and down to this huge ravine (this does not exist in Bellingham) and promptly led it towards a cave across the ravine. I had to use a series of rings in my pocket with different effects to get there (jumping, spider climbing, feather falling). Eventually I got him locked away when out of that same hole I looked him into came chaos knights on steeds. They came out of the cave entrance (which was about 100 feet above the river below) started falling when a large cat climbed up beside me and began to clean me. It was at this moment I woke up to our cat Orpheus sitting between me and heresyoftruth, cleaning my head with his tongue (he always likes the hair, that bastard, now I have a huge cowlick). This is when I got up.

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