IRS Update

Yesterday I received a phone message from the local IRS recruiter. I had turned down her the day before, I had explained I can’t work in Seattle and I had a new job. She left a message saying they would work me out of the Everett office and she had scheduled me an appointment (after I had said thanks but I can’t). She also left a cryptic message that if I didn’t take this opportunity, the IRS doesn’t generally call back in the future, the people that turn down an interview. That felt kind of weird, was that a cloaked “do it or never work here” type of threat? I really do want to work for the IRS, but the Assistant State Auditor job is going really well and I at the very least don’t feel right just dumping (and I am really hoping it works out).

Heresyoftruth and I talked last night, I am going to stick with the Auditor job (at least for now), I don’t think its fair to my current job to bail (or even look at bailing). The job seems fine so far, there have been absolutely no bad things happen. I am a little lost (ok more then a little) however there is no reason at the moment to seek a different job, at least not until we emmigrate. So I just got off the phone this morning leaving her another message that since I had only been with the State Auditor’s office a week or so that I wanted to be fair to them and if it didn’t work out in the future I hope they would reconsider interviewing me.

I am worried I made the wrong choice, but in addition to starting yet another job, I would have to drop another 7k in pay per year for training with the IRS (although my current job worries me because I was hired at higher then entry level and it means I have to learn it quicker). I guess I am just always looking for something to worry about.

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