Dream 08-07-08

Last night I had a rather strange dream. Heresyoftruth & I were both living in a mobile home much like what we used to live in. The only difference is the floor plan was reversed. I was looking out the living room window (the side window, only this time it was facing the pond) and I noticed a SUV in the middle of the pond. I called over to heresyoftruth and as she walked to where I was looking a bunch of 17-19 year old showed up. After a brief conversation we agreed to help them get the SUV out (the strange part was I was snickering because they were so young).

Later in the dream heresyoftruth and I were riding a bus. It was full of loud obnoxious people and I had to poke someone in the back of the head to get them to stop picking on someone. During this time the wife and I were talking about the possibility of maybe bringing in a third party to our relationship. For some reason the bus dropped us off in what looked like the old Rite Aid by Bellis Fair (across the street from it).

The strange thing was there was a large chainlink fence behind it (about 12 feet tall), with an apartment complex parellel across the road that goes past the Rite Aid. Somehow we knew beyond that fence was the Mexican border. We got off right before the fence and walked into the store right next to the Rite Aid. It was a liquor store and we both had stocked up and walked out the side door. On the side of the liquor store was a small rock wall with a few trees, bordered by the chainlink fence to Mexico. We could see the apartment complex across the street. It had somehow become night in the time we were in the store.

All of a sudden Nyarlathotep (all 100 feet tall version of him) stepped across the fence onto the American side of the border. We ducked up against the rock wall and the creature went on deeper into the US and out of our sight. We both stood up and heard a noise. We turned and two very attractive women (almost twins) were standing on the rocks. They were dressed in nun habits, but their eyes were glowing. They really didn’t say much, they jumped off the rocks and landed beside us. For some reason I kept thinking Succubus, not exactly, but close enough that I was both intrigued and worried. One came over to me, started touching me lightly and sniffing me almost in an animalistic way (but still damn hot, yes I have weird kinks). The other had gone over to heresyoftruth and was kissing her neck, much to the enjoyment of heresy (I could tell by the little whimpers she sometimes makes when she is happy, and boy is she probably going to kill me for saying that).

Thats when I woke up. I was both sad and relieved I had woken up then, even in the dream I knew the odds were they were probably going to eat us, but really how often do two hot mexican women dressed like nuns come up to you and your wife like that?

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