Had a few strange dreams involving heresyoftruth and I have two small children. They kept rubbing their faces against ours much like our cat. I don’t normally want kids, and I don’t want them now, but there was a little meloncholy when I woke up. I do however miss my wife, even though she is asleep in the next room. I do wish we worked together, I do miss that.

In other news we lost two player characters yesterday, one to decapitation to werewolf. Unfortunately that character was overconfident and “on the edge” and he ran into a room to get a view of where his elementals were starting to fight (so he could regain control of one). Unfortunately in the room next door was a werewolf who wasn’t hit by the gunfire from the group’s Citymaster.  Just as Hot Hand Nick had yelled that the room was clear, the werewolf lept into the room, swung and rolled a crtical hit, neck strike and off came Hot Hand Nick’s head.

A little bit later now that the elementals were free (actually one was free hunting Deimos, with two elementals being its slave, and a third was free attacking the group will nilly). Abrahms, the other character was lost when elementals attacked inside a citymaster, while two others were fighting she bailed out and into the arms of the third who was going to try and roll the citymaster over. Thinking about it, it was very “monster movie” like, when the group is being attacked and one of the characters tries to sneak off from the group to avoid death and walks right into something else (like Burke from Aliens, who bailed when the Marines had a firefight but walked right into an alien that killed him). I don’t think I could have planned that, it is almost up there with Franklin’s character being killed while Andrea was looking the other direction.

The Doc on the other hand was pretty much the reason Deimos lived, he managed to hold off the Hellhound elemental long enough (and hurt it enough) until the fire suppression syste kicked in. Both Ginsu and Mary, the group phys-ads, tried hard to find things to kill, but kept not being in the right place, until the were-bear was caught, then there was plenty of sword action along with exploding Dane grenades (and exploding Dane, but not quite dead). Mace and Narf mostly were in the tunnel while everything happened.

The sad part is the run was actually fairly easy, the fubar with the elementals is what made it deadly. I will probably post a more complete run listing, but figured I needed to tell this part, 9 went in, 7 came out, and I have a feeling if the group didn’t have alchemy in use it would have been less.

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