Dreams and a movie

I had a dream last night hubby and I were at Eagle’s games, however instead of it being at its normal place, it was more like the attic of a building. She was playing Stacey (the owner of Eagle’s Games) in a squad based version of Warhammer 40k. Funny enough some of the buildings used for the terrain were made out of homemade paper. We then left the gaming store and I realized she was barefoot and I had one shoe on and was barefoot on the other. We washed our feet off in a parking lot and then continued to walk on.

I then woke up, couldn’t go back to sleep, twitched in the bed frustrating the real hubby and then got up. I sat and watched Outpost, a story about a mercenary group hired by a corporate guy to go into Eastern Europe (the main mercenary is one of the main Roman Centurions from HBO’s Rome). It involves crazy nazi science, with nazi undead in a modern setting. Its pretty cool actually, I would have been happy seeing it in the theater (A+ for a zombie/undead movie). Besides, how can you go wrong with Nazi Science?



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