Long and Short Night

Last night I got about 4.5 hours of sleep. This was mostly due to some dreams. I can’t remember much.


My mother and I were taking a ferry somewhere, we ended up leaving the ferry and traveling a bit. At some point we were dropped off on a rather steep hill that was undergoing construction. There were these large trucks going by that were carrying huge pipes (as in several feet across or larger). I then got a radio call telling me that they were opening up the dam and to get to safety.

All I could worry about was how could I keep my mother safe from the flood. I figured we were on a very large hill (almost cliff like) so I took her over to a place where the cliff edge overhung the cliffside. We climbed into some holes in the side of the cliff away from the road. My thoughts were that the water would follow the road more (since it was carved deeper into the ground then the rest of the cliff) and any water that went over this cliff side would overshoot where we were. Of course in the dream I didn’t consider that the overhang may collapse on us.

We climbed into these holes and found there were some passages. At this point I then found myself on this tiny rowboat. The boat was up against these colossal steel doors in this gigantic resevoir, the resavoir was so large that I could only barely make out the shore. These huge doors opened up and I could feel the water behind me swell. All I could do was worry about where my mother was and I woke up shortly thereafter. The water dream had the same feeling of anxiety of the huge amounts of water.


Last nights gaming went really well I think. I am glad we started this campaign, the group is meshing (there are some rough waves on an interpersonal level, but that just makes the RP that much more fun). The successfully stopped a cult from making a sacrifice, killed some hyena skin changers and secured the Hyena teeth with hieroglyphs etched into them. We will play in two weeks again and I am already working on the next section. Hopefully some webpages will be up today or in the next couple of days at least.

I am now in the process of looking for replacement gamers. I have a few sources. About half my group tends to like to party on Saturday Nights, and are unavailable due to said partying. I am personally not a partier, any partying I might have wanted to do ended about 10 years ago. You really can only do that kind of partying and not look like the creepy old guy when your in your 20’s. Besides, I would rather have roleplay then drunks in my house so the partying is not an interest. I hope to gain one or two more players, we are almost complete (especially when  gets Saturdays off, then we can play noon to 7 or so on Saturdays) those one or two players will add enough extra people so we can keep playing even if someone is sick.

More to come later

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