Another Dream

I ended up having a second dream last night. Not nearly as bad as my first.

I was in my early 20’s, as was  hubby. We both looked different, she was a bit darker in skin ( I am thinking Hispanic, but now that I am awake I am not so sure). We were together and in just as much love as we are now. We were with several friends and something horrible happened that resulted in several of the friends dying. After the event, I couldn’t really remember what it was (in the dream).

After that   wouldn’t really talk to me. She cried occasionally, refusing to talk to me most of the time and instead was pretty quiet. A little later she decided to party a bit, in a self-destructive way, and began to try harder drugs (I didn’t), and during these times she would actually pay attention to me. We would have incredible sex, and incredibly deep bonding conversations.

During her forays into partying she started playing around with another young girl. During one of these really hardcore parties the other girl saw me and decided to have an encounter with the two of us. She ended up tattooing my legs with needles she had (some pretty designs). After the intimate moments she seemed almost as sad as Sage and never really focused on me until the next party. They would both occasionally talk with me, but only in passing and only in a one sided in a sad way.

Later in the dream I had realized I could sometimes move things without touching them. As a side note most of the dream took place in a carnival, there were lots of scenes of me watching Sage and this other girl wander around sadly.

One morning I began looking for the younger girl and I realized that the girl had been kidnapped. I chased down her kidnapper and her to some place near the arctic. He was holding a gun to her head and I was able to move his arm (I was pretty angry in the dream) and used my ability to have him start shooting himself, starting with his other arm in two spots, each leg and finally in the head. She seemed incredibly surprised to see me.

Somehow we ended up back at the carnival, with me hooking her up with another young guy. Once again I didn’t do it directly, I got the impression I set up small incidents for them to run into each other.

The dream ended with me following   around, she was still sad, but we occaisionally would be together when it was quiet, sometimes it involved her using drugs, and every once in awhile just when she woke up


When I woke up from this dream, it dawned on me that I had been dead in the dream, ever since the incident, and thats why they couldn’t normally see me.

Holy Sixth Sense Batman. It wasn’t too bad a dream though.

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