I dreamt that the hubby and I lived in a huge high rise building. It was very similar to the building I worked at when I worked for the CPA firm in downtown Seattle. We lived on the 24th floor and at some point in the dream I actually got to our room (the elevator opened onto our bedroom, we had a beautiful view of dowtown (much like my old office). Then I ended up back on the elevator with no pants (but with underwear on).

However, the rest of the dream was concerned with trying to reach that room again. I stopped on several floors, one of them was my old work (it was floor 21), then I ended up on the 40th floor staring out from the elevator at this fancy office, with a huge restuarant in it. While riding this elevator my cousin stepped on board, she was in a wheelchair and in her late 50’s (she is only about 2 years younger then me, so it was weird to see her there), she then got off on another floor. I then saw my family, wife again, etc and the whole time I was still trying to get back to my apartment (they would get off on various other floors).

The final scene involved some older man that I called Uncle laying in a moveable bed in the elevator, (one of those hospital beds) hooked to IV’s. I had this feeling of remorse as I leaned over and hugged him. I noticed he was holding a pistol. He gently set the pistol on the bed while I was holding him, unplugged himself from the life support machine to let himself die. He told me to hold him tight so he couldn’t reach the gun to shoot me. As he lay dying he said he loved me and he was sorry about everything. After he died, thats when I woke up.

That was a bizarre dream

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