Teen Angst Dream

Last night I had a dream that I woke up with an old school teen angst. I dreamt that the hubby  and I were going into Eagles Games (an old gaming store I used to frequent on a regular basis). We were just as old as we are now, and we were just getting started in a new game system. We had never played before, so one of the regulars in Eagles took us around the store and helped us to select different items.

I did think it was strange that we were picking figs, books and other items from different game systems. While I was selecting figs, hubby had wandered off. I caught up with her in a part of the bookstore that was a long set of stairs that had gaming items hanging off the wall. She had her top off and was wandering around topless. As is normal for gaming geeks in my head she was surrounded by guys (in real life most of them would have been too scared to get that close). I was so angry, worried, and hurt because of it. In real life I would probably not care whatsoever. I know she is with me, and that’s all I need.

However, in the dream, the 17 year old low self esteem, worry, and confusion/anger popped up and I was pissed. I pushed myself past all of these people, smacked some heads and got up to her. That is where I woke up.

When I woke up, I was assaulted with the same unsure feelings I had during my teen, early twenties. I got worried about my parents, my wife, my siblings. I hated being a teenager, and honestly I don’t think I would want to repeat it. What I hate even more is waking up at 0400 from these dreams.

Plus it just sounds stupid when I wake up and have had time to think.

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