Dreaming of Oz

More dreams last night, they are starting to sink into obscurity so I thought I would write it down. It seemed to be a very long single dream again. This time hubby and I were in Australia[livejournal.com profile] bardon and his wonderful family were taking us on a ship around the southern side of Australia. At this point it became the end of the world. Instead of a single moon there were multiple huge moons that could be seen, the land became a strange desert like land (white sand everywhere) with mountains that dwarfed anything in reality.

This is when some of the peope became undead. They were zombies, but not mindless zombies. Rather they just desired flesh and to pass the “undead infection” on. In the end I had to convince them to give up or be destroyed (they had spent a lot of time trying to make me undead). There was more, but it is mostly faded from my waking mind.

However, I still want to go to Australia with hubby to check it out and hang with [livejournal.com profile] bardon and his wonderful family (maybe plan where we move if it worked out).

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