Dreams 3-4-2009

I had a bunch of dreams last night. All were broken up into tiny fragments. The only fragment I really remember is the first dream I woke up at midnight from. My wife  and I were outside on a suburban street. It was night out and there was a home right up close to the sidewalk (about 10 feet above, one of those homes that you have to walk up steep stairs to get to). Beside the house was what seemed to be a van parked. The van seemed normal size, but there were several people laying in there.

It looked like their throats were slit, but when I got a closer look, they had stoma’s (colostomies) coming out of their throats. My wife turned around and said she had to finish working. I realized she had long hair, down past her shoulders a bit. She sighed and was working on one of the people. She grabbed the stoma and pulled it tight and tied it into a knot. The strange thing is when she pulled it it seemed to make the person not able to breathe (but I think they were breathing fine after she finished the knot). She then moved onto the next person and untiled their stoma that was in a knot. A spray of shit (and I do mean literally shit) shot out everywhere, hitting the house up on the hill, spraying all over , and an several feet all around. She then pulled it and tied it tight and went to move on to the next  person. That is when I woke up, and it really bothered me.

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