Fell asleep about 2230, woke up at 0330. I had a strange dream that involved trying to avoid something in a city that was outside a large building (seemed like downtown Seattle), I kept looking through large walls of glass trying to spot something huge and I would scuttle from outside place to outside place around the building. Then all of a sudden I was trying to chase a child down on a super super foggy field (vaguely looked like Hawthorn Elementary School’s back field before they built the retirement homes. I almost caught the kid, but not quite. I was bothered I couldn’t run as fast as I did when I was 18.

I woke up anxious about how old I was, how out of shape I was, and that I don’t have enough time with my wife in this lifetime. All in all it was just a standard anxiety type dream. My first reasoning for all of this is the game we are about to start, but honestly I don’t think that is it at all. I am not nervous about our ability to handle it.

Then comes the second reason, the last real food I ate was about 5pm, and I ended the evening around 8pm eating a donut. Hunger/bad food for you is probably the biggest combination. I need to remember to eat better and more often. I am also sure that I haven’t worked out in 4 months is another reasoning, I slept way better when I was working out. I don’t do a lot physically to make my body tired, so I go to bed only half tired and only sleep 5-6 hours at most. I think the field dream bothered me as well since I know I can’t run like I used to, that once again goes back to the anxiety.

On a good note, the Dummy’s for weightlifting is filling in the holes I have from working out, will recommence workout routine this week. YAY for getting rid of some of the fat I have accumulated!!!!

Maybe I will try and go back to bed now.

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