Strange Dreams

I had a couple of dreams last night that were intertwined and rather strange. I don’t remember everything but I felt I should write down what I do remember.

The first dream had me as some sort of “Dark Knight” superhero. I spent most of the dream trying to avoid being arrested while stopping the bad guys. It comprised of me going up and down an elevator trying to fool the cops on which floor I was going to. Eventually I ended up on the second floor of this corporate tower. I ran out one of the open windows and onto a ledge that was only about 4 feet from the ground. At this point I saw sage running by laughing at me, she was only wearing her panties and she pulled them down revealing her (really nice) ass. I tripped, stumbled and found myself in a second dream.

The second dream was me flying some sort of space fighter across the surface of the planet. The surface was pock marked with large ponds of lava (that was similar in color to the ground, but I could still distinguish it). I then landed the fighter and found myself on the surface with a remote controlled vehicle that could fire weapons. It was at this point I saw my once again naked wife (no panties this time) running around the ponds distracting me (like she does with video games in real life). All of a sudden my remote controlled vehicle could fire water so I started shooting it at her playfully. She was laughing when I noticed she was running right into a shallow pool of lava. I woke up when she was shin deep in it and realized it wasn’t land. – I didn’t like the ending of that dream, it woke me up and force me to get up all the way.

That was it.

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