Air Car’s and Houses – Dream

I had some strange dreams last night yet again. Unfortunately most of them have already left me, but I do remember one.

Me and [ profile] imake1tgirl were on some sort of modern airship. We had discovered these jetpack like motorcycle things and I was driving her around in one. They really didn’t have any seatbelts and were very tiny so you always felt you like you were going to fall off when flying around. Eventually we landed the one we were on and got into a bigger air vehicle (more like a car).

[ profile] imake1tgirl was driving it and had clipped someone else’s car. The dream sort of morphed and I was sitting at a house with this young blonde girl telling me that [ profile] imake1tgirl had hit her car. I listened to how the blonde supposedly had become a lawyer at age 21, and blah blah blah. I told her we had insurance and that it would be taken care of.

This is about when I noticed I hadn’t seen [ profile] imake1tgirl for awhile. I began looking for her when this small poodle like dog followed me. Somehow the poodle dog was associated with the blonde, but now that I am awake I couldn’t tell you how. We wandered up to an old house and I was getting worried. I hadn’t seen my wife for awhile and something about the old house bothered me a lot. I pulled down some shrubs that were growing in front of the main door. I slipped in along with the dog.

There was a rotting door in the living room of this house. I could see the top right corner of the door had decayed away and I could make out a set of stairs going up. Somehow the little dog had gotten on the other side of the door and I was now worried about the dog. That cold hand of stark terror had settled in me. The dog wouldn’t listen, and I still couldn’t find [ profile] imake1tgirl. Eventually I tried to scare the dog to come back by making groaning/moaning scary noises. It seemed to work, the dog was coming back down the stairs.

This is when [ profile] imake1tgirl IN REAL LIFE elbowed me, waking me up all the way to tell me I was moaning in my sleep.  I just wish I could remember the earlier dream (or maybe I don’t, I do believe it was a “worse” dream).

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