Strange Dream

Last night I had one of those dreams that lasted the entire night.

It started with  and I growing up together. We started hanging around each other at about age 10 (in real life we met and became best friends at 16). We lived in those old house/commune with a few other families. We ended up building a tunnel of cardboard boxes down a large set of stairs.

We knew we would be going out when we got older, and we both were in love with each other. We ended up carving our name in a table that we ate meals at, but the table was in a large garage like area. Then at age 16 she has to go on a trip with her parents. For some reason this worried me a lot. Sadly  never came back from this trip. I waited for years and grew up, still waiting for her to come back (like some poor dog waiting for his boss to come home). At some point even  came over and told me he was sorry. Not sure why Savvy wanted to come over and say that, but he did (and your hear was longer buddy, not sure why I noticed that in the dream).

I dreamed about cleaning up that food/garage area a lot. Redoing the floor, and just watching where we had carved our names into the table. Eventually I was a little older then I am now. I knew I had left the commune/house on several trips looking for  and never finding her. The saddest thing I had ever done was to start tearing down the box tunnel then, the one we had made when we were 10. It was also a little weird because the tunnel always took weird twists and turns and forever to crawl through to get down to the cafeteria/garage. It had tight areas that a grown man like myself was claustrophobic (there is that claustrophobic thing again). But when I tore down the tunnel it was once again a small set of stairs, about 12-14 steps.

The fact it was smaller then the tunnel bothered me even more, just as I woke up missing .

Once again a strange dream, not sure if it means anything except I am a stalker and have focused on

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