More Dreams

I just woke up from a dream. I was stuck in the dream for quite awhile. I feel bad because wifey wasn’t feeling good and she was holding me telling me about what was bothering her and I couldn’t quite awake from the dream to comfort her like I wanted to.

I was riding in the back of some sort of covered pickup. We were driving up into the mountains, in what I was sure was another country, and I was holding an old gnarled man, about the size of an 8 or 10 year old. He was twisted in pain, unable to move well although he could talk clearly, although thinking about it, I don’t remember him talking directly, it was almost as if I could hear him in my head. The sun was out mostly, but we were shaded in the pickup, and it wasn’t too warm.

I also realize now that he was actually more like a mummy then someone still living, although he still moved and talked. I am not sure if he was Caucasian, or not, but now I get the impression he wasn’t. He was a quiet person, obviously gentle, or at least now he was (who knows what he was like in his youth). He kept thanking me for helping him up the mountain. He was supposed to die on the mountain, it was some sort of end of life rite. He told me how he looked forward to it and that it was the right time for it.

I asked him if he was scared at all. If he had any doubts, or if he was in any pain. He said he wasn’t in any pain, at least not a pain he couldn’t deal with. He also said he wasn’t scared. That he was looking forward to this. This troubled me, not in a bad way for him, but I have my doubts about whats waiting for us when this is over. I asked him a little bit more (the exact question now eludes me), and he replied I was welcome to come visit him. He then must have realized I was confused and told me to come visit him, or he could come visit me after I had passed on. I was pleased that he offered, but my anxiety got worse. The last thing I remember was him reaching up and patting me gently (looking like a mummy, he never scared me like a horror movie once) and said “its alright, its time, everyone must do this” and that he would see me again.

Thats when I woke up, feeling anxious about the dream, and feeling bad I wasn’t able to fully wake up for my wife.

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