Wearing the horns

I figured I would write this down quickly and try and go back to bed (even though I have to get up god awful early). I promised myself I would write the dreams down, even if they sucked or didn’t make sense. I should note that this is a dream, so I do not hold it against anyone 🙂

I dreamed that hubby and I were running Dying Light. At least I assume it was Dying Light. The camp was different though, there seemed to be a stream that ran through it, and multiple cabins (it wasn’t a camp I have seen before). I remember looking around and noting that a lot of people had really cool decorations, including theater lighting type stuff. There were buildings with detailed decorations hanging in windows, I could hear voices in the distance enjoying themselves.

We were sitting in the plot/logistics cabin, checking the occasional person in (and our age group was much wider than it is now). During this time a lot of sex things were happening sort of off camera. Not involving me or hubby , I just felt others were “being busy” in other rooms. I got uncomfortably propositioned by one of the guys and really wasn’t interested. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen some guys I consider attractive, and I have scored low on purity tests dealing with guys, but I am definitely geared for women :). 

hubby then placed a large set of horns on my head and gave me a large kiss. Something felt a little off about that, but I wasn’t sure. It didn’t feel like she was dressing me like a beastman.

I was sitting on the couch helping Mr. G (name changed to try and not embarrass anyone who may have been named in real life) when hubby sat between me and him on the couch, she then leaned over on my lap and grabbed my horns with a smile, she smelled a bit like wine and she nuzzled me and said she was a bit drunk. I chuckled to her that we should go sleep together (she had that semi-horny, buzzed girl voice/movement going). Now, I am not sure but I think in my dream talk I might have said something like Toothy and I (her character) just because of her response. She shook her head, “no…. Sage wants to go sleep with Mr. G …”. I was a bit shocked by that, and stammered a bit. I felt really ashamed (I think this may have been worse due to the fact that Mr. G was sitting right on the other side of her) and she chuckled at me just tugging at my horns. She then leaned over towards the other person about to kiss him. That’s when I awoke to a loud beating heart.

I felt like I was kicked in the gut. I wasn’t mad at Mr. G, I was embarrassed that she had turned me down and then said she wanted to sleep with someone else within earshot of that other person and the rest of plot camp. I also felt weird that she used a name she no longer uses. 

In reality I am not angry at my beautiful wife, she has done nothing wrong, but it bothered me to be cuckolded in my dream (and no I don’t know why at the time I thought of the term cuckolded). I then got up to write this down. Oh, and a side note about wearing horns, the term “wearing the horns” means to be cuckolded or to have an adulterous wife (you can also say that nowadays about men). I must have picked up that little bit of subconscious knowledge in the past, unfortunately to have it pushed at me during an anxiety dream.

No my wife is not adulterous, and funny enough we have an open marriage and in real life I don’t get jealous, it was just an anxiety dream (this is one of the areas I get anxiety in). Just not sure why I am so anxious. I better get some sleep, I am going to crawl back in with my beautiful wife who loves me. Pardon my writeup, I know I sound stilted and a bit like mojo-jojo.

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