Not so good dream.

Woke up a few minutes ago from a horrible dream. It was some sort of desert island we were on and we were sort of enjoying ourselves. Myself, the wife, and others I know. It was a little like Lost. We kept finding good food all over the island (which wasn’t very big, as in maybe about the size of my apartment (it was bigger, the area we lived and hid in was apartment sized).

Eventually someone came over and they started mocking and then threatening us. I eventually had to stop hiding and I came out. A fight broke out and I beat him very badly, and I couldn’t stop myself. I kept kicking on his head until his bottom jaw basically became so shattered you couldn’t tell it was his jaw. He kept struggling and laughing and I started doing similar things to the rest of his body (and like most dreams, or even reality, when I hit him, it never felt like I hit him hard enough to damage him even though it was crushing parts of his body). I didn’t want to do this at all so I eventually woke myself up throwing myself around on the bed.

Thats when I realized I had thrashed so much I had scrapped off a huge chunk of the scab on my arm. It was actually bleeding some. This wasn’t a “picked at” wound, it was me scrapping it across the bed and tearing a huge chunk out of it. I got up, put some peroxide on it then dried it off. Now I just put some antibiotic cream on it and a band aid since I am hoping it wont get reinfected now.

Damn only asleep 90 minutes and I fuck myself up.

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