I had a dream last night about  and myself.

We were traveling in our Kia and arrived at a farmhouse in snow. It was a flat area (no trees) and I couldn’t really tell you where it was myself. We got in an argument, she wanted to go party with a guy that reminded me of a combination of men I knew in real life (Warren and Aaron). I told her I didn’t want her to go off and party with him without me (I was incredibly jealous).

I stormed off a short distance with the car and the road was to slick with snow. I then realized I didn’t have shoes on so I walked back to the house to get my shoes. When I got there,  was gone with the guy and it freaked me out. I got my shoes on, tramped back to the car and found it gone. I realized she had taken the car (yes, not sure in my dream world how she knew where it was) and I had to walk back again to the farmhouse, realizing I hadn’t worn a coat.

I got back, called her since it was the next morning and some other woman answered. The woman told me it wasn’t any of my business and indicated she and the guy were with my wife.

That’s when I woke up. I am not sure why I had that dream.  and I get along great, we haven’t fought and there has been no new person in her life that I am jealous of. It was purely a bad dream. I hate those.

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