False Patriotism Day

 Well I survived False Patriotism Day. Don’t get me wrong, its sad that 3,000 people died that day, but lets put it in perspective.

1. Iraq War: 4,474 (and slowly creeping)
2. Afghanistan War: 1,776 (and not so creeping)
3. Dead due to drunk drivers: Approximately 130,000 since 2001 
4. Dead due to lack of Health Insurance: +45,000 PER YEAR (approximately half a million people dead since 2001)
5. Trillions spent on a war machine and on a Police State level worth of infrastructure.

We laughed at the USSR in the 80’s because of the checkpoints, pat downs, and abridged rights. I think Russia is laughing at us now (the terrorists certainly are).

While giving away our rights, the same people screaming NEVAR FORGET are the ones screaming they don’t want healthcare for all US citizens.

I think our priorities are screwed. We are declaring wars on multiple countries for the death of 3,000 (and at least one of the countries – Iraq, had nothing to do with it). Yet we wont take care of our own people when 15 times more people die yearly from lack of health insurance.


This doesn’t even really get into the lost of our freedoms because we are scared. I would rather take my chance that I get killed in a terrorist attack then to lose my freedom (3,000 people in 10 years, you have a bigger chance to be struck by lightning). Oh, and lets not even get into the idea we have been “protected” and thats why there haven’t been more attacks. Our new agencies only take our freedoms, they haven’t protected us.

Yep, ranting this morning to make up for the hypocritical BS that occurred yesterday.

edit: Evidently I woke up in rare form today.

Oh, I know why I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, a bit of anxiety due to interview today. 
I had people ask if I disliked working for my office, that is actually farthest from the truth. This was the only position I have seen in the local government area that I thought I might like as much (with more pay and less travel). Otherwise I am fairly satisfied at my current job (unless more pay cuts occur, then there may be issues).

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