Gaming Updates

I figured since gaming is such a big part of my life as a hobby I would give an update.


Partisan Game: On hiatus. Unfortunately it has been hard to meet up and encourage new players. I think the problem is because its GURPS and a weird niche (WWII Supernatural). I suspect if I compile everything and restart it as an online game it might pick up.

Pathfinder/Ptolus/GURPS: Active. This game is going great. Its a GURPS conversion of a Pathfinder game set in Ptolus. Its been fairly steady and my conversions of D&D classes/races to GURPS is pretty effective.

Solo games: Active. Currently have two solo games with the wife that are active. I have a solo character she runs that is also mostly active (recent events are always getting in the way but that is the way it goes.



Shadowrun 4th edition: Upcoming. I have started putting together an online only Shadowrun game. I suspect this will be the wave of the future. It will allow a lot more flexibility and enable people not to have to drive long distances to come to game (I suspect the Pathfinder game will go this direction after our move to Lynnwood). I doubt Dunk will want to drive to Lynnwood on Thursday nights.

Anyone is welcome to play Shadowrun. If you read this, and are interested in a Shadowrun 4e game let me know. I think the way this will work is the player submits me a history and I will design the character to fit in the game. This way it encourages people to do more in depth histories. This game will probably start in September some time.

One Shot Games: upcoming. I am also going to start quarterly “Halloween” games. They won’t be based on Halloween but one shot games are easier for some people and so in the spirit of my old Halloween games I will run horror based one shot games. These games are easy because I will provide the characters and the games, I just need the player to show up (I think this will be online, but  not sure at the moment). The advantage to surviving? You will get to keep the character for the next game 🙂

There is my gaming update for the moment 🙂

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